Sarah was a pleasure to have at our facility! She listens well to the needs and then systematically goes about addressing workflow and efficiency bottlenecks. She collaborated with our team members and developed a system that significantly reduced our inventory carrying cost. The staff loved working with her.
— Jessie S. (Presidio Surgery Center)

Applying Lean Methodologies in Your Company Allows You to:

  • Optimize your Business

  • Build Systems to Eliminate Waste 

  • Create Capacity for Growth

  • Streamline your Workflows

  • Develop Action Plans

  • Improve your Customer's Experience

  • Retain your High Performers

  • Reduce Cost

  • Maximize Time Usage

  • Solidify Strategic Thinking

How do the Consultants work?

  • Build a Strategic Plan and Vision with Business Owners

  • Observe and Assess the Current Workflow & Environment

  • Create a Roadmap and Action Plan aligned with the Strategic Plan

  • Collaborate with Staff to Develop, Implement, and Sustain Improvements

  • Develop Internal Structures to Support Growth


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We serve all industries and business types:

  • Health Care

  • Technology

  • Real Estate

  • Financial Services

  • Start ups

  • Home Offices

Thank you, thank you, thank you Sarah and everyone else at Lean Into Living. Because of you and the systems you’ve implemented, my retail business is firing on all cylinders, and I have the accompanying peace of mind and piece of profit to show for it. Your breadth of knowledge and experience with ID’ing bottlenecks and setting up a sustainable path forward was on full display. You are a total professional.
— Jim P. (Multi-Store Retailer)