Lean into Living is a game changer!!! My family’s dreaded chore of meal planning/grocery shopping has been transformed into an amazingly easy seamless process. 5-minute meal planning exists!!! I’ve discovered so many benefits to my new system but most of all as a family we are eating healthier- no more last minute takeout! I would have never been able to get to this place without Sarah! I’m so grateful!!! The skills & knowledge are invaluable!!! From exhausted mom to empowered mom! This program is a life changer!
— Mykel S. (Illustrator and Mama)

The minute Sarah walks in the door, she brings a sense of happiness and calm to your house. Her cheery disposition makes you realize you are in good hands. Our small closets had become overwhelming unorganized and were completely inefficient. Sarah’s implementation of the Lean system into our home sets her organization style apart from all others and I can truly say that we couldn’t be happier. It’s a system that is sustainable, efficient, and cost effective. Sarah was thorough in her approach and her fun personality actually made this stressful chore a pleasure to tackle. Our closets are still organized and orderly a month after Sarah was here and we can now find items we forgot we had! Thank you Sarah for calming the everyday stress we had with our closets!
— Erin H. (CEO of the Hurst Household)
Hi Sarah! So for someone who “doesn’t fit your customer profile“ your workshop changed my life. I am so much happier on a daily basis with my closet. It’s unreal how going to the emotions of dealing with my closet and the mess and clutter that occupied my mind - I implemented your fix and it has made such a change in my daily life. Thank you thank you thank you! All is in place and I am a very happy momma!
— Charity W. (V.P. City Ventures and Mom)
Before working with Sarah, I was spending all sorts of money with haphazard trips to the grocery store and through eating out too much. I am a teacher and my day is non-stop from the time I step in the classroom until 3:30pm each day. Having just a “whatever’s in the frig or whatever I can grab on the way to or from work,” often I would skip meals as there was nothing to grab in the frig and was cranky and irritable with my students come the end of the day. This created a vicious circle, and both my waist and check book bulged. Not fun in the least.

With Sarah she was able to go through my routine, if you could call it that with no judgement, and helped me find simple, quick, and healthy solutions for meal planning. We mapped out easy grab and go healthy breakfasts that I could make in one 15 minute period the Sunday before the week and have ready to go in my frig. We made short online shopping lists, and she helped me with a 3-4 meal a week rotation plan for lunch and dinners. It was not only great to have someone listen to my chaos and help me organize and adapt for my hectic life but also motivated me to re-organize my kitchen Tupperware and cooking set-up for ease. I feel like we accomplished so much in one 25 minute session it was inspiring. She also checked in on me for 3 weeks with new tips and recipes and I cannot be more grateful.

The bottom line is that does not take a lot of time to re-make a system that makes sense for your life and your daily struggles. Sarah truly helped me with this process for meal planning and now I’m going to try and do the same for my classroom and exercise schedule.
— Jeanne S. (Teacher)

Sarah was a pleasure to have in our facility! She listens well to the needs and then systematically goes about addressing those workflow and efficiency bottlenecks. She has reduced our carrying cost on inventory by establishing a working system for carrying a PAR and signaling need for ordering, thus reducing the tendency to “hoard” or overorder. She was easy to work with and fit herself into our system. The staff loved her. Sarah has a real knack for workflow and efficiency design and would bring benefit to any organization or home.
— Jessie S. (Presidio Surgery Center)

Thank you, thank you, thank you Sarah and everyone else at Lean Into Living, because of you and the systems you’ve implemented, my retail business is firing on all cylinders, and I have the accompanying peace of mind and piece of profit to show for it. Your breadth of knowledge and experience with ID’ing bottlenecks and setting up a sustainable path forward was on full display. You are a total professional.
— Jim P. (Multi-Store Retailer)