Lean is an internationally recognized management system adopted by a variety of successful industry leaders in: Manufacturing, healthcare, government, retail, airlines, law firms, education, non-profits, technology, and now Lean Into Living brings Lean into the home. Lean aims at eliminating waste, improving efficiency, and creating value.


Watch this quick video message from our Founder!

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What is your top frustration in managing your household?

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HerE's how it works

1. You choose an issue that is a thorn in your side and causes you stress, or dread and takes up too much of your time.

2. We apply the Lean Formula to the issue and coach you to an improved and easy to sustain fix! The fix involves creating a system (space & process) that fully supports you and turns the stress into ease and fun!


Map It! 

  • Learn the Issue and Map the Steps Involved

  • Identify WASTE and Bottlenecks

Apply It!

  • Apply The Lean Formula to Create Ease and Flow to the Process

  • Develop a Custom Step by Step Action Plan to Feel Instant Relief

Organize it!

  • Partner with You to Perform a 5S Organization of the Space Involved with the Issue

  • Create a System in the Space that Makes it Easy to Maintain

Sustain it!

  • A Fully Implemented, Efficient, and Easy New Process within 1-2 Weeks

  • Regular Check-ins for 1st 30 Days

  • Monthly Check-ins for 6 months