Lean Principles

Lean Principle Circle.jpg

These principles all aim at adding "value" to your life! Value is What you are willing to pay for... Time, Joy, focus, relief, playfulness.


Eliminate Waste:

The effects of “waste” on our lives:
1.  Lost Time
2. Lost Money
3. Increases Stress on Household Members (endless list of negative physical effects of stress)
4. Drains Energy
5. Strains Relationships
6. Decreases Productivity
7. Causes Mental Fog, Forgetfulness, and Inability to Concentrate
8. Threatens Happiness by Compounding Feelings of Sadness, Anger, and Depression

Respect People:

At Toyota they say, "Be tough on the process, easy on the people". If something goes wrong with a process, 95% of the time it is due to the system failing, not the person. At Lean Into Living, we help you create systems in your home that set YOU up for success!

Value Stream Mapping:

You can't fix what you can't see. This tool allows you to visualize an entire process from start to finish; identify bottlenecks and waste; brainstorm a new process; and then provides a road map and action plans to success.


A systematic way of organizing an environment to ensure easy use and sustainability. All who interact with a 5S'd space experience calm and ease.

Standard Work:

Set tasks needed to sustain the new systems put in place. The key is that these new standards are created by those who will be doing them, so they have to be easy to integrate into daily living.

Quick Set Up:

All set up is considered waste, because while you are "setting up", someone is waiting. What sorts of tasks can be done beforehand to allow for more ease when the clock is ticking?


Prevent bottlenecks and delays from entering a process. The barriers to ease and flow are always some sort of waste.


Incorporate signals and visual cues to keep things moving along smoothly. This helps the entire family engage in sustaining the new.