Pricing Plan Information

Free Consultation

A 15-20 minute phone call for you to get a sample of what this experience is like. Our Lean Coach will discuss your most pressing issue, help you identify barriers, brainstorms ideas with you, and co-create 1-2 action steps for you to start feeling the relief immediately!

Included in All "Issue + Fix" Packages

Map it!

Each issue and fix includes it's own customized game plan to create a easy to sustain solution. We begin with a 1 hour session where we map an issue. You can't fix what you don't see, so it is imperative to look a the issue from the 20,000 foot vantage point. Once we have the outlined steps of the issue, we will dive into it and identify the biggest pain points and bottlenecks. Pain points are the areas in the process that hurt the most. As an example, for many, the biggest pain point in doing laundry is the folding. Everything comes to a halt at that point.

Apply It!

After we've thoroughly dissected the issue, we will brainstorm easy fixes and create an action plan for you. A typical action plan includes a 5S (systematically organization) of a space; build in structures to support you in the new behavior making it easy to do; tweaking the sequence and number of steps noted in the mapped process to remove the pain points an bottlenecks; and incorporating a basic timeline. Depending on how involved the issue is will determine the timeline. Most issues can be solved within 1-3 weeks. You will leave the session and immediately experience relief!

Organize it!

All packages include a virtual 5S Coaching. Because each space is different, we charge an hourly rate for In-person 5S organization. The difference between you organizing the space and our team helping you is the 5th "S", Sustain. We guide you in creating an organized space that makes it easy to sustain with less than 3 minutes of daily maintenance. You will immediately feel the calm and ease after doing a 5S.

WARNING: 5S is super contagious! You will experience massive amounts of calm and joy immediately and want to 5S everything!

The In-person 5S sessions include:

  • Initial assessment and plan with time estimate
  • Team up with you to 5S your space
  • Labeling
  • Product recommendations (purchased by the client)
  • Boxes for sorting trash, storage, and donation
  • Donation drop off
  • Time varies depending on the size of the space and amount of items
  • Rate: $90/hour (starts after 30 minutes of travel time)

Sustain It!

Integrating Lean Principles into your daily life require a commitment to sustain the improvements. One of the best aspects of the "system" that you build with your Lean Coach, is that it is easy to maintain. We get that time is precious, especially as a parent, and we want you to get back as much of it as possible. The great news is that even when "life happens" and you can't maintain it, it is super easy to jump back into and start up again. You will feel ease just knowing that relief is attainable and you know how to get it.

A core philosophy of Lean is continuous improvement. The "systems" you create will be flexible enough to allow for a dynamic household. Once you've hardwired your fix, you can make improvements and adjustments as needed. Your coach can support you with these tweaks.


Our Lean Coaches provide weekly check-in's, via phone to support you in moving the action plan forward. Check-in calls last 15-30 minutes. All action plans are custom built and the timeline is designed to work with your schedule. After the "fix" is stable for 30 days, our coaches will do monthly phone check-ins for 6 months.