Life Efficiency Workshop for Mamas: Lafayette, CA
1:00 PM13:00

Life Efficiency Workshop for Mamas: Lafayette, CA

If you don't have time, then you must make time for this talk! Join us as lean efficiency expert Sarah Cheek applies Lean Management techniques to help parents gain time back in their busy lives. Clients who apply her life efficiency hacks report:

  • Experiencing more calm and relief around previously stressful areas of life

  • Being more present at home

  • Improving communication around household members, and

  • Feeling set up for success at home

This 90 minute workshop, will cover:

  • The Lean Formula; a method for getting hours back in your life

  • The 8 Wastes that are highjacking your ability to be efficient in any area of your life

  • The effects of the 8 Wastes on homes and families

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