4- Week Lean Mamas "Book Club"

4- Week Lean Mamas "Book Club"

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This course is a step by step instruction on how to apply the Lean Formula to any area of life and was developed to serve the “Book Club” model for a group of up to 10 mamas. It requires a facilitator and a space to meet regularly. The modules are 30 minute or less videos that each mama can watch/listen to prior to their meet-up. The facilitator will be given a guide and access to our Lean Expert if any additional support is needed. The group will decide on one issue to apply the Lean Formula to and support each other as they implement it at home.

6 Video Modules

·        Welcome to the Lean Mama’s Club

·        8 Wastes Hijacking Your Life

·        What’s the Issue?

·        Lean Toolkit Part I: 5S – A Systematic Way to Organize Your Life

·        Lean Toolkit Part II: Applying the Formula & Getting Hours Back

·        Build a New & Easier Way

·        Troubleshooting

Lean Success Kit- Includes a workbook, step by step guides, crib sheets, templates and implementation guide ($797 Value!)

Exclusive Access to Members Only Facebook Support Group!

Facilitator Guide - A step by step implentation guide for the group leader

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Welcome to the Lean Into Living Mamas Club!


This course was developed to educate and equip groups of women all over the world

with the necessary tools to enhance their efficiency and joy in any area of life. Their

knowledge and understanding of the Lean Tools are enhanced through regular group

experiential learning and practical application.


  • Create more time in your life

  • Minimize the amount of time spent on tasks

  • Apply these tools to ANY area of your life

  • Spend more quality time with your family

  • Be more present with your kids and partner

  • Create space in your life to do things you love

  • Feel empowered in juggling life

  • Unleash that fun and cool mama inside you!

Module Description

Module 1: All About Lean

Module 2: 8 Wastes Hijacking Your Life

Module 3: Lean Tool Kit: See It

Module 4: Lean Tool Kit: 5S

Module 5: Lean Tool Kit: Standards, Signals, Set-up

Module 6: Build and Sustain

Module 7: Live it

Module 8: Celebrate!

What's Included?

  • Facilitator plus 10 member log-ins

  • Lifetime access to the 8 modules

  • Facilitator guidebook outlining each in-person meetup

  • Lean Mama Kits for each participant

  • Video instruction for practical application

  • Private Facebook group for support and ideas

  • 90 minutes of 1:1 coaching for the facilitator

BONUS: Done for you template "5-Minute Meal Planning"